• Image of Neo Victorian Antique Paper collage on Wood SPRING Woman Architecture Fauna and Flora

This collage is made upon a 5 x 7 x .75" wood board, which is primed and painted a lovely blue. The collage consists of a variety of papers from the 1800's- from women's magazines, architectural prints, seed catalogs and postcards. marbled paper, prints, illustrations, postcards. I have a vast collection and pieces like this sometimes take months to do while I am looking for the perfect image to complete the piece. I sell and design for the state historic site OLANA. This one has not made its journey up there yet, so I am putting it here for now.

The piece is varnished with 2-3 coats of a satin water-based varnish to protect it from light/environment. It is wired on back, does not need a frame, and is ready for hanging.

(needs a better photo- will get to that eventually)