Artist Statement

As an artist who has been creating for 50 years, I have many bodies of work. The galleries on this website contain landscapes that have touched my soul, and abstract jauntings into other worlds.

The landscape paintings are a visual memory of an important or memorable time and place. This moment is expeienced again in the act of painting, and then each time I view the finished piece.

When I create abstractly, my subconscious guides me on the journey. Working intuitively, the art is influenced by time, place, and current events. Imbued with energy and color, these works are created with a variety of mediums-  paint, pastel, and collage. They are a composite snapshot in time, a memory or a vision, a capture of the seen and the unseen, an impression of time and place.

Each art work builds a personal relationship with the viewer,  engaging them with color, pattern, movement, mood. It relates a story, emotion, or memory that resonates within their own life experiences.