Artist Statement


I am an artist who has several muses. Sometimes they take turns, sometimes they fight, and I am most happy when they work together.  They make it difficult to fit into one  catagory as an artist, but no one told Picasso not to do so many things, did they?

My love for collage started with an obsession for the 1960's Colorforms toy.  I loved how I could  make different scenarios by moving the pieces around. A dear friend introduced me to antique paper and prints, and thus my affair with narrative collage began.

I have painted the landscape since I was a teen. I am in love with its color, form, texture, and mood. My paintings are a snapshot in paint of a moment in time infused with emotional impact.

My abstract art is a synthesis of my passion for illustration, narration, and science. Unseen energy and imaginary worlds dance in color, line and pattern.

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