Artist Statement

I am an artist with several muses; sometimes they take turns, sometimes they fight, and I am most happy when they work together!  Because of that- I have several major bodies which can be viewed in my "collections".  

The landscape paintings are a visual memory of an important or memorable time and place. This moment is experienced again in the act of painting, and then each time I view the finished piece. The narrative collages are often autobiographical and I work with antique and hand painted/printed papers. When I create abstractly, I work intuitively, my subconscious guides me on the journey. The art is influenced by time and place and is imbued with energy and color.

Each body of work builds a personal relationship with the viewer,  engaging them with color, pattern, movement, mood. It relates a story, emotion, or memory that resonates within their own life experiences. 

“The studio is a dream world. Once the door is closed the outside world shut out, it is an escape to a place of wonder, exploration, magic, and resolution; a place where one feels most peaceful and complete.”