I am an artist who has several muses. Sometimes they take turns, sometimes they fight, and I am most happy when they work together. They are quite a handful.

My love for collage started with an obsession for he 1960's Colorforms toy.  I loved how I could change things around and make a different world and story by moving the pieces around. I loved pop-up books, little worlds where I could dive into the magical illustrations, and was fascinated by the mechanical components of the book.

I have painted the landscape since I was a teen. I am in love with its color, form, texture, and mood. Since childhood I have been enamored by the Hudson Valley, and my love for nature is reflected in my watercolor and oil paintings.

My abstract art is a synthesis of my passion for illustration, narration, and science. Unseen energy and imaginary worlds dance in color, line and pattern. 

Having so many muses make it a bit difficult to place me in one category as an artist. But I must be true to myself, so enjoy the show!