What's New In the Studio: UPDATES

How to Get There from Here--Collage of hand pulled prints and antique paper. 10"x10" 2023

- March 2024

The business taxes are DONE and I am back in the studio JUST in time for the start of the gardening season. The hairy bittercress is blooming - and must be pulled, as well as many of the catnip seedlings. It seems way too early for this, but so be it.

Current work includes private design work, an upcoming fundraiser that I must start working on, and I am experimenting up a storm using civil war newspapers in my collages. 

I am starting to work larger, getting the feel of using foot long palette knives and house painting brushes. I am drawn to creating larger works, that you can mentally step into and enter a very different world. Quite the challenge I set for myself. 

I am also back to a bit of teaching, which is something that I love to do. Someday I MAY figure out how to teach online, but that seems like another learning curve that would take away from my painting time. 

I hope you all have made it throught the worst of the winter- spring is definitely coming. If you are interested, peruse the art and decorative objects on my website and stop by the Show/Events page to see what I am up to in my art life!