Small Collaged Moleskine Blank Note Sketch Book Antique Paper CRESTED FLYCATCHER Bird


This is a small 5.5" x 3.5" Moleskine Cahier blank unlined notebook/sketchbook.
70 gsm pages, 64 pages, the last 16 sheets are perforated for easy removal.
The back has a pocket for receipts/clippings etc.
Perfect for notes, sketches with pencils/ ink pens/dry media.

The heavy black cardboard cover is collaged with an antique advertising card (might be an Arm and Hammer card that came when you purchased their product) and a fan from a piece of Victorian paper from the 1800's. Embellished with a tiny bit of glitter and gold inks. The book is stitched. They hold up well, and is the perfect size for a small bag/pocket, glove box, etc.

One of a kind. A very sweet gift if you don't keep it for yourself!