My love for collage started with an obsession with the 1960's toy Colorforms. I loved how I could change things around and make a different world and story each time. I loved pop-up books, little worlds where I could dive into the magical illustrations, and be fascinated by the mechanical components of the book.

I designed my first holiday cards when I was 14; each one was hand drawn, inked, and water-colored. Twenty years later, my graduate studies led me to "women's work" and women's roles in American art and craft. I fell in love with  decorative painting, decoupage, the beautifully layered Valentine cards made by women and their families.  I had an antique paper and book collection, one thing led to another, and my Neo-Victorian line of greeting cards was born.

The cards led to collage, and around 2000 I met Jonathan Talbot, a wonderful artist and mentor.  It was under his tutelage that the muse took hold, and has not let go.  I have an on-going affair with mixed media, creating a body of work that explores my life journey, which has acted as a conduit for healing and change. Currently I am working on a Peep Hole series for a show in May. 

Collage, whether it be on a card or a canvas, is the perfect medium to tell a story, a path to miniature worlds. I love working with the paper, the glue, and welcoming the input from  my muse - who is sometimes quite a handful!

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