Abstract Acrylic Painting EQUUS Purple and Copper


Image of Abstract Acrylic Painting EQUUS Purple and Copper

EQUUS is an abstract acrylic painting.

I started the work with an automatic (blind) drawing, and then worked into it with knife and brush letting the image take shape and tell its story. A friend of mine saw it and immediately said HORSES, thus the title of the piece. We each bring out own vision and life experience into the art we view, so I honor hers.

I used four colors- silver, copper, purple, and black. As with many of my art works, the painting changes color depending upon where you stand. Not only is the act of creating the image kinetic, but so is the viewing of it. It is difficult to photograph but it is brighter than your computer screen when you view it in the light. The silver shimmers and the copper glows!

It is a 5.5 x 5.5" in size, and is matted in an 8"x8" mat.

Shipped flat as a first class package with tracking between two pieces of mat-board. Shipping included in the price.

Email me at catskillpaper@gmail.com for inquiries about framing/additional works etc.